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Мой пост для UNEP, посвященный Всемирному дню охраны окружающей среды (5 июня)

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We all probably know the saying “You are what you eat”. But you are more than that. You are how you eat, how much you eat, with whom you eat etc. Food is the crucial element of our life. Healthy people eat healthy food and live happy life on the green planet.

Happy panda eats healthy food;)

Tell me now whether food can be healthy without the respective attitude to foot? Let us imagine (please tell me, it is not true) that you throw away the kilos and kilos of unused products…that you are used to fast-food wrapped in multiple layers of packaging…that you regularly buy and order more than you can eat. Then, my friend, you are far from showing respect to other people and our Planet. Only healthy attitude brings up healthy dinner and results in healthy life. If you cheat on one linkage of this chain, the whole chain is at risk.

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Your contribution matters. You probably see no connection between your plate and the lunch of a guy who lives far across the globe but you are connected. We all eat at the same table generously served by our planet Earth.Do you prefer to call the Earth our living room or our garbage bin?
Taiwanese guy cooking fresh food at the local night market.

Here is my possible scenario for your everyday food consumer role. Wake up and drink the glass of fresh water because fresh water triggers the inner mechanisms of your body. Eat you breakfast made of fresh products with some of them grown in your garden. Take your lunch from home in case you have no time to eat properly. Fast-food is harmful for your body while its production is harmful for environment. Share your dinner with friends and family so that less Earth energy would be wasted for food production. Opt for the local products when you are buying food in the supermarket because it is more eco-friendly than buying the export goods.

Think global and eat local.

This is a good example of foodprint reduction. Plastic image of served food instead of cooking it in advance. As a result you get fresh food while the seller reduces his waste and expenses.
These are the typical fruites for China and Taiwan. Bying them there is cheap because the shipping expenses are low. Imagine how much fuel is used to bring those to Russia.

I may suppose that you are trying to save time by producing and buying more food than you really need but you are simply stealing those precious minutes from your children and future generations. My solution for the problem is to share. You cannot dedicate your whole life to optimization of a dinner but you can share the excess. Share food with those who are in need. There are many of them around.

Buy less and share the excess.

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Think when you eat and what you eat. Turn healthy attitude into your habit.
I intentionally use the short sentences and easy thoughts in this short memo because saving the planet is easy. I want to remind us all the severity of on-going situation with water and food shortage without even citing the figures of food waste and hunger indexes. All you have to do in order to help our planet is start doing. Start with a clean plate and fill it with healthy attitude and healthy food.

You may ask why am I writing all this? The answer is here http://www.unep.org/wed/ and here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Hunger_Index and here http://www.fao.org/docrep/014/mb060e/mb060e00.pdf and here http://www.tastethewaste.com/ and in your mind, of course.
Think.Eat.Save – Reduce your foodprint!

All photos used in this post were taken in Taiwan during my trip as the invited blogger to the Centennial celebration of this eco-friendly and beautiful country.
Green action in Taipei 101 - the highest skyscraper in Taiwan.

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